Next installment of Gems From the Vault: Nicky Silk – Ain’t Giving Up

This song was voiced at Oracabessa studio, Jamaica in about 1997. I bumped into Nicky in Ocho Rios and he agreed to come to the studio to voice a tune, on the way to the studio he told me about a situation he was going through at that time which was affecting him a lot, at the studio he heard the rhythm and we did a warm up track which I recorded, it sounded great but the levels weren’t quite right and there was some noise on the track so I asked him to voice it again but this time he started singing something completely different and not as good so in the end we kept what he did the first time which was basically him free styling and the lyrics tell the same story he had told me on the way to the studio. For one reason or another this tune never got released but here it is finally found on some long lost tapes, Nicky Silk truly talented and a real vibes master. Produced by Paul Hussey