Introducing 14 year old singing sensation ‘Kianja. First single out March 1st 2013.

Kianja ‘ Sunshine’ Harvey (age 14) relocated last year from London to Durban. Just before leaving London, after often finding herself in lead parts for school musicals, she entered a National UK singing competition and came second. Her family realized they have a natural talent on their hands!


‘Mr. Retro’ is Kianja’s debut single (featuring Arianna Carini on guitar). It is a stunning track with RnB / Soul and Roots flavours, telling of the hardships of a struggling musician who is the object a young girl’s fancy and admiration. It was written by Kianja and produced by Paul Hussey. Out now on the independent Jambila music label.


Kianja has been featured singing live on SABC’s Lotus fm, LIVE the venue, Wahooz at Ushaka beach, ‘Green Fest,’ North Beach Skater Park, Earth Mother, Catalina Theatre, Alliance Francaise Durban, and is currently in demand for private parties, choice events and festivals. Audiences cannot get enough of this rising star. Compared with singers like Corine Bailey Ray, Lauren Hill, Amy Winehouse, this young talent certainly has that ‘je ne sais quois’, that unmistakable alluring quality that gives you goose bumps. Coming from someone so young it is simply captivating.


She recently earned a music scholarship to go to Eden College Durban which proudly supports her continual striving for both academic and artistic excellence. Kianja is self motivated, committed, and is loving and enjoying every moment of her ongoing journey.


KIANJA who plays drums, guitar, and keyboards is the fresh up-and-coming energy of Durban’s diverse and wonder full young arts scene