Celloman: 2 Gigs in one day (Solo & Band) – Brixton, London

Celloman performs two shows in one day with an afternoon solo cello concert then a full band evening gig. Tickets can be bought for either show separately or both shows together.

Venue: Upstairs @ The Ritzy, Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Ln, London SW2 1JG
Doors: 4pm

Show 1: Cello Moods & Broods (Solo) – 4.30pm

Celloman presents his new acoustic album: Cello Moods & Broods. 

The album, released in December 2023, contains a collection of beautifully melodic original compositions for Cello duo, trio and quartet and is: 

“…a fine reminder of the emotional power of the cello” – All About Jazz

This Entertaining and informative solo cello show discusses, through played examples, the changing role of the cello in history from bass instrument to melodic instrument. 

The cello is then introduced as a harmonic instrument, much like the guitar, through a new style of cello playing called Arpezzato, a combination of the words ‘Arpeggio’ and ‘Pizzicato’.

Playing examples taken from his album Arpezzato Cello, Ivan uses finger techniques imported from the world of Pop/Rock, Blues and Jazz including: ‘hammer-on’, ‘hammer-off’, ‘slide’, ‘pop’, ‘slap’, ‘strum’ and ‘Walking bass’.

Ivan then builds on those same compositions through the addition of bowed melody and harmony as Ivan performs pieces from Cello Moods & Broods


Solo Show: https://youtu.be/hDENlCTJUr4

Track: https://youtu.be/q_WG9PH1nMY

Prices: £8 (Early Bird) £10 (General) / £12 (Door) / £5 (Child)
Both Shows: £15 (Early Bird) / £20 (General) / £25 (Door)

Tickets: can be purchased here

Please note that there will be a break between 6.30pm – 8pm

Doors: 8pm

Show 2: A Journey (band) – 8.45pm

Celloman and band present the best tracks from a collection of albums and EP’s released over a period of 20+ years. 

Contained in a compilation album called A Journey, the album contains tracks from the electric band albums:’ Aquador, Maya, Sharptown and Panacea.

Expect an upbeat high energy festival set of Middle Eastern and African-inspired grooves, hypnotic harmonies and beautiful cello-led melody.

4-piece band with Live Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Cello and Guitar / Keyboards

“A blend of world/jazz/classical that had us foot-tapping, head nodding and ‘desperate to dance’ in our seats!” – BBCi

“His 80-minute set blended jazz, world and classical musics in a strikingly natural way… – Evening Standard


A Journey promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwBpcorOjT4 


Prices: £10 (Early Bird) £12.50 (General) / £15 (Door)
Both Shows: £15 (Early Bird) / £20 (General) / £25 (Door)

Tickets: can be purchased here
Over 18 only in 2nd show.