Celloman releases album of Cello duos, trios & quartets

Cello Moods & Broods, the 9th studio album by Celloman, showcases the beauty and depth of the cello as both a harmonic instrument and a melodic instrument.

Written for cello duet, cello trio and cello quartet, the 12 original compositions featured on the album are a melodic feast using influences from around the globe. From the Indian Carnatic ‘Veena’ to the flamenco inspired ‘Scenes of you’. The Jazz-infused ‘Dream in G’ to the meditative ‘Kaleidoscope’.

The bowed cello melody is harmonically complimented by a new style of cello playing called Arpezzato.
A combination of  guitar-like ‘Arpeggio’ and string ‘Pizzicato’, Arpezzato is played with the fingers of both hands without a bow,.
The style uses over 40 finger techniques imported from the world of Pop/Rock, World, Blues and Jazz. These techniques include: ‘hammer-on’, ‘hammer-off’, ‘slide’, ‘pop’, ‘slap’, ‘strum’ and ‘Walking bass’ amongst others.

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